September 2016 | By Jill Brass

When I first joined the local advertising community in 1981, it was a very different world. Cameras used film. Adobe was a kind of clay. Fax machines hadn’t yet been invented, no less PCs, Macs and cell phones, and social media wasn’t even a consideration. Back then, we relied on each other — needed each other — to socialize, share industry news, trends and training. Fortunately, we had the Ad Club. And it was a blast!

Fast forward 35 years and the landscape is nearly unrecognizable. LinkedIn has become the new mixer. has become the new training seminar. And Twitter and Facebook have become the new dialogue. All remarkable changes.

Yet, the Ad Club has remained the same … until now.

How does the Ad Club benefit its membership?

It’s a question the Board has asked itself many times, and until recently, we felt much of the answer rested  on educational and networking opportunities. But diminishing event registration and attendance indicate this is no longer the case. To best serve our membership, it is time for change.  

While numbers aren’t everything, it’s hard to ignore a consistent pattern. Members aren’t attending many of our events … except one. The ADDY Awards continue to thrive. 

Why the ADDYs? The event’s continued success is due to its focused and unwavering mission: To come together and celebrate the best-of-the-best in advertising, public relations and marketing. This is our event — from creatives and account execs to media and print reps, the ADDYs recognize the strategy, creativity and collaboration necessary to develop and implement successful work. And no matter how many changes our industry goes through, this kind of celebration is forever deserved.

With this in mind, the Ad Club is implementing two significant changes:

First, we are making the ADDY Awards the Club’s primary focus - at least for the time being. This bold move will allow us to bring our membership a reenergized event. We will also encourage greater membership involvement, bringing new ideas and processes to the table. 

The second change is more personal. While I will continue as an active member of the Board, I am stepping down from my role as president. Effective immediately, Michele Wyse will be leading the Club through its significant transformation and ushering it into a new era. An engaged and thoughtful Board member for nearly four years, Michele has provided numerous contributions to the Club, including serving as co-chair for the 2016 ADDY Awards. With her guidance and that of the rest of the board, I am confident the Club will realize its significant place in today’s advertising community. 

I encourage you to get involved. I remain proud of our local advertising community and continue to believe that the ADDYs contribute greatly to its unity. Please join us in making the Ad Club’s contributions more valuable than ever … because we all deserve to celebrate and be celebrated. 


Jill Brass 
Board Member and Past President
The Albany Ad Club


Some people rise above the rest. They make their mark on the craft, on the industry, on the community, and on their colleagues in a way no one will ever forget.  Each year, The Ad Club selects one of these giants to receive the Outstanding Achievement Award. 

We are pleased to announce our 2015 recipient:

Marty Bohunicky

President of Working Pictures, Inc.


Marty Bohunicky has been an award-winning video Director for the past 30 years.  In 1997, Marty formed Working Pictures, a full-service video production company whose innovative storytelling capabilities have created some of the most technical and beautiful video production in the region, for clients around the globe.

The leadership, creativity, and experience Marty brings to video campaigns as a Director has set the bar for excellence in this area. The commitment to quality of work that is produced at Working Pictures has garnered numerous local, regional, and national awards. Marty's achievements include "Top 100 Producer in America” ranking by AV Multimedia Producer Magazine, the 2009 Albany-Colonie Chamber Micro-Enterprise Award, multiple American Marketing Association award winning campaigns, over 30 NORI/ADDY awards including two Ad Club Betsy awards and more.

Marty's commitment to his craft and community has been steadfast throughout his career.  Working Pictures proudly supports local non-profit organizations. He has provided fundraising videos for The Children's Hospital at Albany Medical Center, Make-a-Wish, The Special Olympics, and the American Red Cross.  Marty also contributes his time and video production services to industry events such as The American Marketing Association Mark of Excellence Awards, The Albany-Colonie Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner and of course, The Ad Club.

Please join us in celebration as we present Marty with the 2015 Outstanding Achievement Award at the 2015 ADDY Awards Dinner on Friday, March 6th.